Cloud Services

SVS Consulting helps our corporate clients leverage the benefits of cloud computing by providing an alternative to running all applications within a traditional corporate data center.

We offer our clients flexible Cloud Computing solutions that can support Public and Private environments for provisioning and acquiring IT services that optimize IT spending while improving overall agility.

The SVS Consulting approach helps our clients shift from a capital expenditure cost structure to an operating budget expenditure that parallels their real-time needs and consumption.

SVS Consulting’s Cloud Solutions can help our clients:

  • Reduce computing costs
  • Reduce infrastructure footprint and facility costs
  • Provides world class SAS 70 AICPA Audited data center facilities
  • Provide a competitive advantage for TTM and operational mobility
  • Reduce manpower footprint to support IT infrastructure
  • Elastic supply that parallels demand real-time
  • Decouple applications from infrastructure constraints

SVS Consulting works with our clients on a one-on-one basis to design and build a public or private cloud solution that prescribes to our client’s specific requirements.

Private vs. Public Clouds?

SVS Consulting provides Private Cloud Solutions for clients who require a dedicated environment to provide exclusive provisioning for data security, network performance and uptime, typically as a result of corporate or government regulation mandates.

SVS Consulting Private Cloud Solutions still provide most of the economies of scale benefits of a public cloud in terms of cost savings and agility but are dedicated solely to the enterprise of the private cloud client.